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What is a total knee replacement?

A total knee replacement refers to the technical name of the operation by which a diseased knee undergoes a joint replacement. Pioneered in the 1980's, this procedure is nowadays one of the most common and successful surgeries in the field. The purpose of the procedure is two-fold:  to relieve chronic pain and to increase function of the knee joint.

What are the complications of knee replacement?

The overall risks are considered small. The potential benefits of pain relief and increased function far outweigh risks associated with the procedure. Nevertheless, complications are a rare possibility. These include adverse reactions to anesthesia and drugs given during the procedure, bleeding, leg clots, nerve damage, infection, and risk of dislocation.

What should I expect after surgery?

In general, the patient should expect a short-term disability  generally ranging from six to twelve weeks. Though he/she will be ambulatory within days, the natural healing process of wound healing requires a longer conva-lescence interval to strengthen the scar tissue about the operated knee. It is important
to grant the body sufficient time to recover.

For more information, on Total Knee Replacement, please visit www.AAOS.org

Total Knee Replacement

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